Sandfly Fittings Hopper Tee

  • Low profile hatch to go over tele belts with ease
  • Easy hatch hammer gate for quick open and close
  • Built in safety latch for hammer gate
  • Low profile body with a total height of 8 inches for optimal ground clearance
  • Rebuildable with interchangeable parts: Lid, hammer hatch, gaskets, pipe sets
  • Durable and proven gaskets
  • Lightweight
  • Interchangeable pipe sets with 6 position rotation. Pipe sets come with vic ends or plain pipe.
  • Pressure tested to 35 psi
  • Gaskets are heat resistant and water resistant
  • Affordable
  • Excellent flow rates
  • Custom colors on request
  • Tees and pipe sets are constructed of carbon steel. They are easily repaired and made of weldable material. Pipe sets are easily removed and changed with our flanged system.
  • Inset Pipe sets to save wearing and honing (inside of the assembly, this section is designed to take the wear)